Why is it so hard to be truthful?

I cant remember when I just started to think differently, but I can tell you since I have tried to be more truthful to MYSELF, I have felt so much more at ease. Thinking through my feelings and thoughts have helped me understand myself, not fully but it has helped me start feeling better about my self, and understanding what I want out of life.

I have tried to voice my honest opinions about a lot of things. I have never been one to hold back my thoughts on anything, but sometimes I’m a bit more criticizing then actually helpful.


Really think about it. There is a solution to every problem. I think everyone should have someone they can rely on and can tell anything to without feeling judged in any way. With that said, that person should be someone who doesn’t wouldn’t feel offended or you wouldn’t being putting on a uncomfortable situation. I have 2 people that I can tell anything and everything too. One is my best friend, I know that she will always be there for me, and will always have my back. She will always have my best interest and will give me her honest opinion on what ever the matter is. The other person is my therapist! yes people, that’s right, I see a therapist! now a days the concept of a therapist is so alarming to everyone, why?! I think everyone needs to take sometime out and talk about their mental health, doesn’t make you crazy or weird! I love my therapist! At first I wasn’t so comfortable but sometimes you have to put that fear aside and just let it out, let someone who has no connection to your personal life and can kind of challenge your thoughts and help you see things in a different perspective. It’s easier said then done, yea I know, but try it. It took me years to finally get the courage to call and say I was depressed and wanted to see someone. My first phone call I think I almost threw up from how embarrassed I felt, but it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was! My first couple visits were still a bit weird, talking to some guy about what made me FEEL depressed was a bit embarrassing and weird, but I kept going! Consistency is the key to life! I swear! Don’t give up on anything, let yourself try it a few times. Look at life in a more positive way, most people are so down, because of their own thoughts!

Why is mental health viewed so negatively?