Let’s take it from the top

so I have to go to court with my brother at the end of this month…

My brother has Asperger’s, and is mentally handicapped (not sure if that is politically correct), he was told that his learning process, writing and reading skills are that of a second grader. Ok with that being said, he graduated from High School with a special education diploma. If he were to want to go to college he would have to get his G.E.D. So my brother is very possessive, he’s very narrow minded, he’s not to big on understanding jokes, or sarcasm. He has his own way of explaining his thoughts and can learn things that are repetitive. Growing up with him, was very weird. He would mostly keep to himself, kind of segregated himself to his room, he liked to play video games so that kept him to his room a lot.

My brothers first “real” girlfriend was one of my good friends, she was completely in love with him, she was 14 and my brother was 16-17, they dated for a yea half, they’re relationship was very up and down, they would fight and argue like cats and dogs, both didn’t have much skills at communicating, until they finally broke up. My brother was devastated! If you were to ask me I believe he would still want her back. Ok, so two years after that, he ,et another girl, who I knew was no good from the get go. She once tried to through a snow ball at my younger sister! her and I are the same age, my sister is two years younger than us, so she threw the snow ball, now I have always and will always be my sisters and my brothers keeper, when I confronted her, she didn’t seem to know what I was talking about but insisted on apologizing to my sister, ok whatever I left it at that.

I’m not going to lie, I judge people right from when I meet them! I know I shouldn’t but I feel I have a good sense of knowing people. When moved out early so by the time my brother started with her I was already out of my moms house. She ended up living with my brother at my moms house, her home life was very rough, her mom was being controlled by her boyfriend, who verbally and physically abuse them, and supplied the neighborhood kids with drugs.

Well, she came up pregnant at 16, my mother kicked her out before she even knew she was pregnant because the fights between them were horrendous! She would hit him and throw things, they both would scream at e other and end up breaking things.

While she was pregnant her and my brother stood together and tried to make it work, well it didn’t. Shortly before she had the baby she threaten to keep her away from him and everyone in our family. She would tell him she hated the baby, she was going to have a retarded baby just like him, all because he didn’t do as she said and because she wasn’t able to come live at my moms with him. She went as far as having some one bust his lip!

Well After the baby was born, my brother took her to court for visitation and for him to pay child support, she came up with any and everything to make him ok like a terrible father and person, because my mom helped my brother document, the lawyer’s and judge dismissed everything she said, the judge even went on to tell her she was a disgrace to other mothers. he told her he never once had a man take a women to court for him to pay child support.

While after the hell we all went through, she convinced him to go back to her, they got an apartment and lived together until recently. they had another child, a son 3 years ago. in the years they were together, she tried to go to school she went two years and never was able to get any type of degree or certification, all the while my brother working and providing the best he can for his family.

Fast forward to this year…

My brother comes home Sunday night from work to his girlfriend with two guys at their apartment and another girlfriend of hers, he asked them to leave because it was late and his daughter had school in the morning, she told him he was no longer on the lease and he was the one who needed to leave, her friend got up and told my brother if he did not leave she was going to call the police and say he was hitting her! So he grabbed something’s and left, the next couple days we advised him to just text her and do not talk to her because of the way their communication skills are. Knowing she can manipulate him through the kids, she threatened to move out of state, make sure he would never see them. We reassured him she would have to still go to court and it would take some time.

Well Ms. Genius, is asking for full custody, but wants my brother to have them on the weekend, and more throughout the week…..Wait, I’m sorry, WHAT?!?!

Well i’ll just leave it at that for now, i’m excited to go to court to see what happens, I didn’t mention the fact that she has been collecting child support from him the whole time. As well as their income tax.

Pen pal anyone?!?!

I want to meet new people from around the world. I want to learn about the different ways people choose to live their life’s. I don’t think that there is a correct way to live. Just different perspectives.

My day so far….

It’s almost 12pm over on my end, my daughters got up at about 9:30, My oldest stood home from school, because she was so congested last night! Her eyes were so watery! My poor baby! She seems a lot better, she still a little congested but she has more color in her cheeks, the baby seems well, we have to go out later to buy 3 birthday gifts for a party tomorrow, hopefully the don’t get sick! Good news, My husband may be getting our second car this weekend!! Gosh its been almost 3 months since he started to look for one! He’s so picky, but he likes the car and most importantly he wont need to take a loan out for it! AMAZING!! But I said hopefully, So I’ll know for sure Monday! I have laundry to wash and put away….ugghhhhh the worst!!! But at least its sunny today, still cold but sunny. I guess i’ll go start some laundry! Write to you later!!