Pen pal anyone?!?!

I want to meet new people from around the world. I want to learn about the different ways people choose to live their life’s. I don’t think that there is a correct way to live. Just different perspectives.


It’s been so hard to find things to write about. I like to write but always get stuck. How can I get past that? How do I know what to write about?

How do I know?

I’ve been so confused about school lately. I don’t know what I should major in!! I’m between, human services, child education and psychology. I know that I most likely will get my associates at least in early childhood educations, it’ll help me in the log run when I decide to work with children or work around children. I would rather choose psychology rather than human services because I will be taking classes directed more towards psychology, human services is more of general classes with a bunch or electives, but the degree is very open to many different options…..

My day so far….

It’s almost 12pm over on my end, my daughters got up at about 9:30, My oldest stood home from school, because she was so congested last night! Her eyes were so watery! My poor baby! She seems a lot better, she still a little congested but she has more color in her cheeks, the baby seems well, we have to go out later to buy 3 birthday gifts for a party tomorrow, hopefully the don’t get sick! Good news, My husband may be getting our second car this weekend!! Gosh its been almost 3 months since he started to look for one! He’s so picky, but he likes the car and most importantly he wont need to take a loan out for it! AMAZING!! But I said hopefully, So I’ll know for sure Monday! I have laundry to wash and put away….ugghhhhh the worst!!! But at least its sunny today, still cold but sunny. I guess i’ll go start some laundry! Write to you later!!

It’s been a while since I last wrote, so much has happened since the last time I was on here. I have also started a new show!! Pretty little liars!!! Oh my goodness! I’m obsessed! It’s so interesting! I can go into the show another time. What’s bothering me right now…..

I need to understand why people choose the priorities that they do. There’s a huge difference between putting yourself before your kids because you want to get better……EMOTIONALLY and MENTALLY, then putting yourself because of pure selfishness. Choosing a relationship before your kids is really getting old. I seem to still not understand it.

Tell Him Everything.

J.S. Park: Hospital Chaplain, Skeptical Christian

Maybe no one mentioned
that seasons of doubt,
suffering, and detachment
are regular valleys in a believer’s life.

Those are also the exact times
we go to God and tell Him everything.
To even say, “I don’t feel you right now, God.”
You can tell Him that.

Most of us think we’ve failed God
when we don’t feel Him, when it’s actually
that feeling of His absence that
can either push you to Him or from Him.
He’d much rather it be to Him.

— J.S.

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My struggle with MY God

One thing I do know is that I believe in a higher force, my whole life as a child, my mom always talked about God, and his work. I felt as if I was being forced to go to church, I say forced because I remember just never taking it seriously. I never really would pay attention during service, I would goof of with my sisters and brother, we just always had something better to do. Once I moved out of my moms house I would only make appearances here and there, I went to a few youth gatherings, and would rarely talk to my friends from church, who where never from where I went to school, or lived. Then one day I just never went back, until I was pregnant with my oldest daughter. I would go every once in a while, maybe 2-3 Sundays a month. I have always thought of myself as the “black sheep” of my family, I was always so different than my other siblings. My older brother is autistic so growing up with him was more like my younger brother. I have win sisters who are a little over 2 years younger than me. My mother is originally from Colombia, South America, and my dad was Native American and English, yes I know weird how did they meet? Maybe some other time ill write about it! My mothers primary language is Spanish, she knows how to read and write English, her vocal skills aren’t as great as they should be, considering she’s been here for over 20 years! My mom took us to our church, New Apostolic Church, if I had to put a name on “it” I would say we are a Christian church, I’ve heard kind of Baptist. But I cant really tell you what that means. I don’t really know the difference between that religions and there beliefs.

I have always felt somewhat judged at my church, my mom has always been able to turn to them with no problem, they have helped my mom and us so much. They’ve always been there for us n matter what. Now I feel like I kinda betrayed them and just left, I feel like I abandoned them. Now with the girls, I feel even worse, I want them to grow up knowing who or what God is and to have something higher to believe in, and can turn to when they feel there is know one else. My oldest says she wants to go to church, I just know if I should continue at our church or “browse” around.