Last thoughts of the night.

As i try to wind down before bed, I wonder to myself about how Mia’s friend’s will spend there long weekend. My daughter’s are very spoiled, not only with material things, but they are spoiled with the time we give them. My husband and I don’t do anything without them, they rarely are watched by anyone but us. My spend a lot of my time with my mom, so the girls are super close with her. Mia has spent some Saturday nights with her, Mia is very protective over my mom!!

My mom has had a very long and slow recovery from a gall bladder surgery she had in June 2013, yes she is still recovery from it. Why? Well long story short, her surgeon perforated her bowel and didn’t diagnose it until august 2013,by the second day out of surgery my mom was septic and was put on a ventilator and into an induced coma!! Its to long of a story to even begin too explain right now, I’m super tired from all the running around today, and just need to get all these random thoughts out.

I feel like my writing has no direction or purpose, I definitely love that I started my blog. I feel more relaxed and more aware of my thoughts and feels. I have had such bad anxiety since being pregnant with my youngest Camila, who is now 2. I never knew what anxiety was until I found out I was pregnant! I found out the day I was suppose to go in and get the Mirena! My husband and I discussed not having anymore kids until I finished school and had at least had a couple years of experience. Mia had just turned a year old, and by the time I planned on going into school she would have been a year and a half, and I could have had her at the schools day care. Well, no, I went in and was told I was 11 weeks pregnant!! It’s horrible to say but I was devastated, I knew it was going to be atleast another 2 years until I could start school, it was going to be less time for not only me but Mia. I remember freaking out about Mia feeling left out, and feeling alone. I started to work thinking it would help me keep my thoughts at ease. It did not! I started working when I was about 4 months pregnant, it was alright at first, I love working and learning new things. My anxiety was so bad my doctor took my out of work two months before having Camila. I personally don’t like taking medicine for any thing so I just held it in and kept going with the flow. I remember the night before I was scheduled for my C-Section, I put Mia to bed, and she started to cry and held me, she told me she didn’t want me to leave, I didn’t tell her anything about having to go and have her sister in the morning! I just broke down and started to cry, I think I cried so much that I put myself into labor! I couldn’t self thru all of the contractions but just told myself to wait, I had to have the C-section anyways so why go in 5 hours early to be put into the hospital bed and wait. Obviously everything went good

After having Camila I worked for the next 4 months, I struggled a lot with working or not working. Honestly I seen such I difference in when I was with the girls to when my husband was with them while I worked. There was no structure, no schedule for eating, I felt like they were just glued (mostly Mia, as Camila was just a newborn) to the t.v. He did the best he could, but things just ran smother with me at home and my husband working (more now that I don’t work), so I quit and become a stay at home mom.

This post wasn’t suppose to be so long, sometimes I just cant stop!

It’s ok for them to act out

I believe that some parents don’t teach their kids BASIC (in my opinion) skills until it’s to late. I understand that, “kids should be kids”, but they also need to learn some common sense. I see so many kids who are literally rushed into their classroom and just left there! I mean they get no help taking there coats, scarfs, hat, and/or gloves off, let alone their snow boats! I’m talking about 3 and 4 year olds, who once are done struggling look around for a goodbye hug or kiss. I truly feel so sad for them, I know parents need to work, but when did it come before your child? What company doesn’t offer to help there employees with scheduling, why cant you find another job around your kids schedule?

Why are the kids the ones who have no choice but to sacrifice for you? Do you know how important it is for kids to feel comfortable with expressing themselves? Any behavior kids act in, is an expression of their feelings, its easier for kids to scream, or jump around then to come and say, “hey mom I’m happy to play” or “hey dad, I’m kind of mad at you.”  Its easy to get caught up in the everyday rush, but honestly think about when your kids are in their teens, do you really think they’re going to come to you for help or advice? Why are there so many “wild” teens and rebellious kids out there.

I try to make the girls feel confidant in every decision they choice to make, from the shirt they’re wearing to the tantrum they feel is necessary. It’s been a very enlightening experience.

Bed Time

What did I do today, I woke up kind of late.

Had to get Mia ready for school. She wanted a yogurt and she wanted a half pony tail! She loves her long curly hair. Mia was so excited for school, she has opened up more now that she’s in school. I was very worried and anxious about Mia’s adjustment into headstart. I anticipated her being very outgoing and friendly! She was the complete opposite! Mia cried everyday for the first 3 months school started! She would refer to everyone by, the teacher who spoke English, the teacher who spoke Spanish and the teacher who’s name was grandma. Each class has a teacher, teachers assistant, and a ‘grandmother’.

Mia begin he school year only speaking Spanish, she understood English but wasn’t able speak it very well, which made me extra worried for her! once she was over crying, her teacher said that she would just stick by the teachers assistant because she spoke Spanish. Little by little she would say long phrases and practice singing in English, which made I easier for her. Now only being in school for 5 months she can speak fluently in English and Spanish! I think Mia likes both, when she’s at home shell use both, but when watching t.v she wants it in Spanish, I believe Mia understands Spanish better than English. I’m hoping that she doesn’t lose the Spanish, I think it’ll be a huge help for her later on in life. Mia use to dream about being a doctor, she would tell everyone she was my mom’s doctor. She would always say how she was going to love school and help the other kids if the needed it. Now she wants to be Else from the Frozen movie! I’m so interested in learning the thought process of children.

Teacher Strengths: Individual and Universal

Totally agree!

Avoiding Neverland

Subbing in three different schools at once offers some unique insight into the teaching world.  I think I notice it more now because the three schools I’m in now vary so widely in size and demographic.  Between my observations of teachers in each setting and my conversations with my personal teacher friends, I’ve thought a lot about an individual teacher’s ability to do their job well.  What factors separate a good teacher from an average one?  What’s the balance between training, setting, and natural talent?  After letting these thoughts percolate for a few weeks (yes, I’m behind on my blog posting, I know), I’ve reached two conclusions.

1.  I’ve poured a lot of my focus into targeting and highlighting teenagers’ strengths as they enter young adulthood, but more and more I’m seeing that schools need to make better use of their own teachers’ strengths.  In some cases, schools need to…

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