My day so far….

It’s almost 12pm over on my end, my daughters got up at about 9:30, My oldest stood home from school, because she was so congested last night! Her eyes were so watery! My poor baby! She seems a lot better, she still a little congested but she has more color in her cheeks, the baby seems well, we have to go out later to buy 3 birthday gifts for a party tomorrow, hopefully the don’t get sick! Good news, My husband may be getting our second car this weekend!! Gosh its been almost 3 months since he started to look for one! He’s so picky, but he likes the car and most importantly he wont need to take a loan out for it! AMAZING!! But I said hopefully, So I’ll know for sure Monday! I have laundry to wash and put away….ugghhhhh the worst!!! But at least its sunny today, still cold but sunny. I guess i’ll go start some laundry! Write to you later!!

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